Morrisons Supermarket Installs In-Store BAR To Ease Stress Of Christmas Shopping

A supermarket has come up with what it claims is the perfect way to battle the impending stress of Christmas shopping – by opening an in-store bar.

Morrisons in Guiseley, West Yorkirshire, has opened the addition called Barista which will let you grab a cold one while you meander the aisles.

It’s the only store in the country to boast such a feature and will be promoting local ales.

There is a range of tipples on offer, from Saltaire Blonde ale to a Frizzante Italian wine, as well as cider, lagers, and craft ales.

A number of customers took to social media to comment on the new venture.

Fancy a pint? (Image: Yorkshire Evening Post / SWNS)

Mark Cooke wrote on Facebook: “Guiseley Morrisons is serving pints, they know their customer base.”

Martin King wrote on Twitter: “Guiseley Morrisons here I come, what a great idea.”

Daniel Shutt said: “As if drink culture isn’t bad enough in Leeds already, now we have to have a bar inside Morrison’s!”

Is the weekly shop about to get a lot more fun? (Image: Bloomberg)
Customers took to social media to share their views (Image: Bloomberg)
Beer while you buy? There’s a new bar in town (Image: Getty)

Just tony added: “Will they also have the police stationed at the car park exit ready to issue tickets & points for drink driving? Stupid idea x.”

A Morrisons spokesman said: “Saltaire Blonde is a local brewery that’s really popular with customers.

“We’re looking forward to hearing what customers think of our new cask pump.”